You may question whether or not you need to schedule your annual A/C tune up, but it will assure the best quality of work by providing your annual A/C tune up.

You save money by not troubleshooting your AC because there is nothing wrong with it, but this can cause repairs and replacements that are more expensive than the tune-up that you should have done.

Thomas AC Heating Technology offers a team of experts in Air Conditioning Tune-Up

From Anaheim, California and neighborhoods surrounding areas, Thomas AC Heating Technology provide quality residential heating services to your family.

See why scheduling a tune-up with us is worth your time

Why Your Peak Comfort Level Could Be Holding You Back

  • Should you need a periodic tune-up, your cooling system will be better able to handle the summer heat.
  • New Air Purifiers Bring Breathe-Better Air Quality to Homes
  • You should consider annual tune-ups for your AC because they can make it last longer. Units that haven’t been on maintenance will only last half as long as a maintained unit.

Tips To Save Money

Changing air vents and keeping the air around the unit clean not only saves you from energy costs and repairs, but it also improves your HVAC system’s efficiency. You are a homeowner if you have an AC installed in your home.

Excitedly seeking a HVAC Professional

When your AC can’t keep up, the next best option is to consider a complete replacement. Thomas AC Heating Technology has a top quality installation team that will provide expert craftsmanship and optimal efficiency.

What you need to know before you book your next AC tune-up

  • What does a rigorous tune-up include?
  • The Best Way to Clean the Condenser Coils on Your HVAC System
  • Evaluation of coolant levels to help sustain maximum operating performance
  • How lubricating parts can decrease wear and tear
  • How To Use Lithium Inverter Battery
  • Avoid and fix duct-work energy loss
  • Verifying the entire system to make sure nothing is amiss
  • Blower motor inspection

For those who are not aware, AC tune-ups can seem like difficult work or even exhaustion. However, they extend the life of your air conditioning and make it run more smoothly. You’re paying more upfront, but you’ll save on unexpected repairs down the line.

Thomas AC Heating Technology has the best technicians who will make sure your AC is running at its best, including installation and point checkups.

At Thomas AC Heating Technology, we do more than just repair. We can inspect your system and prevent further damage by providing you with a detailed assessment of the situation. When it’s time to make a new purchase, our installation technician will be able to assist you.