Heating Pump

What Is A Heating Pump And Why Do You Need One? There are many factors that can affect a heating system’s performance. Weather, age, maintenance, and more. But there is one thing that could cause you to lose heat in the cold winter months when you need it most: a broken pump! Find out how […]

Heating Tune-Up

Heating Tune-Up: Keep Your Heating System Running Efficiently And Extend It’s Life The good news is that you don’t have to live in a cold house. The bad news is your heating system might not be working as well as it should. Heating Tune-Up by Thomas AC heating technology will help you keep your family […]

Heating Maintenance

It’s not uncommon for older heating systems to stop working at the worst possible time, leaving a homeowner with no heat. Thankfully, there is a solution! The team of experienced professionals from Thomas AC Heating Technology has been providing HVAC maintenance in Anaheim, California for over 25 years. The benefits and need for heating maintenance […]

Heating Installation

Your home is your most important investment and it’s important to take care of it year round. Whether you need a new unit installed or just need to service your existing heating system, expert technicians from Thomas AC Heating Technology will handle the work in a prompt and efficient manner. Heating Systems There are many […]

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